A national campaign to promote awareness
of ovarian cancer and its symptoms and risk factors

The Earlier the Diagnosis ~ The Better the Prognosis


WHY Turn the Towns Teal®?

The mission of Turn The Towns Teal® is to make women AND men aware of ovarian cancer, its subtle symptoms and risk factors. We KNOW for a fact that women’s lives have been saved because of our campaign.

Volunteers in all 50 states as well as in Canada & Bermuda tie our Teal ribbons (made in the USA!) in their towns, at their businesses, places of worship, and neighborhoods as well as on their private residences. They also distribute our symptom cards and use our other materials to increase ovarian cancer awareness. This all occurs in September which is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.



If you are “Tealing” your town, you will receive a confirmation email and a Town Approval letter which needs to be signed by your town official and returned to us. Once we receive your town’s approval, we’ll send you instructions about ordering your materials.

Register Your Town


If you are “Tealing” private property such as your business, place of worship, neighborhood, etc., we’ll send you a confirming email and instructions about ordering. If you plan to “Teal” your home with a single ribbon or car decal, please register under #3 HOME RESIDENCE.

Register Your Private Property


If you are “Tealing” your home, we will be sending you a ribbon for your lamp post, mail box or front porch. You may also elect to receive a decal to “Teal” your car by registering here.

Register Your Home

Here are the materials you can get as a registered Volunteer to "TEAL" your home, property, or town.

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Please register today!



  1. Register to volunteer: Each year we ask all volunteers to register. This allows us to track participation & avoid duplication of efforts. If we have more than one registrant for a town, the first person to register is the “lead” volunteer.

  2. Campaign Kickoff is May 4th. Once you register, you will receive notifications by email acknowledging your registration and updating you on the campaign.

  3. Ordering Materials: Ribbons, lawn signs, symptom cards and other materials will be available to order on June 6th. You will receive your Volunteer Access Code the week prior so that you can place your orders.

  4. Displaying Our Ribbons: Our USA-made ribbons are displayed on or about the first of September and must be removed by September 30th unless they are on personal property in which case they can remain up all year.


1. Do I have to get my town/city’s approval each year?

YES, if you are “Tealing” your town/city, you do need to get approval (we provide you with the letter). These ribbons represent Turn The Towns Teal®, and we need this for your protection as well as ours.

2. I live in Cranford, Montana.  Can I say  Turn Cranford Teal or Cranford Turns Teal?

NO, unfortunately you cannot.  Turn The Towns Teal® is a registered trademark, and it’s a violation of our registered trademark to use Turn & Teal in the same sentence/title.  Please refer to Legal on our menu page.

3. I just can’t “Teal” my town center, but HOW can I help?

You can put a ribbon on your mailbox or lamp post and hopefully ask your neighbors to do the same. If the ribbons are on private property, you do NOT need the approval letter from your town, AND they don’t have to be removed at the end of Sept. (On a personal note, my ribbons are on the luggage rack of my car and in my trees ALL year!) Please see # 4 for more ideas.

4. How much ribbon in each roll?

Each roll of ribbon has 70 yards. For those making bows a roll makes 14-18 bows. (When making bows, please. remember to leave a “tail” so that people can read what the ribbon represents.) Please go to the photo section of our website to get additional ideas.

5. My town will not permit ribbons. How can I participate?

  • You can always “Teal” your neighborhood. Please be sure to ask your neighbors’ permission and also hand them a symptom card.

  • Your local businesses, health clubs, YMCAs, beauty/nail salons, library, etc. are ALL places that would be good to have our symptom cards and a ribbon.

  • Some of our volunteers have “Tealed” their offices, cafeterias, parking lots, etc.

  • If you’re taking an exercise and/or yoga class, you can hand a symptom card to each woman attending.

6. How can I keep my ribbons from slipping down on the tree trunks?

It’s always a good idea to double knot the ribbon securing it tightly; so it’s helpful if 2 people “Teal” ….i.e. one holding the roll of ribbon while the other ties the knots. Please remember NOT to staple the ribbons onto the trees.

7. What do I do if my town requests that I get a Hold Harmless form signed?

We do not sign these as our attorney would have to review each request. We don’t get many requests for this, but we simply cannot incur the legal fees that would be involved.


Our Turn The Towns Teal® campaign has been an incredible success since beginning in 2007 when Gail and a group of volunteers “Tealed” forty towns in New Jersey. Thanks to you, our volunteers, we have continued to grow each year with representation in all 50 states as well as Canada and Bermuda!

We hope you will join us and get involved with our national awareness campaign!

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