A national campaign to promote awareness
of ovarian cancer and its symptoms and risk factors

The Earlier the Diagnosis ~ The Better the Prognosis


We would like to share with you some of the Testimonials we've received.

Blanche from Ft. Smith, AK ~

The ribbons have caused a big stir in our downtown area, and this has proven to be the best singular awareness raising activity we’ve been involved with.

Gini, the President of the Ovarian Cancer Connection (OH) ~

Your campaign has become a major hit throughout NW Ohio & SW Michigan. Last week I received calls asking if we can reach out to their towns. Please keep this campaign alive not only for ovarian cancer awareness but also for the ladies fighting this disease. God bless you and everyone involved.

Eileen from Mendham, NJ ~

My Grandmother passed away from ov ca. Running through Mendham, I saw the beautiful TEAL ribbons, and this was a reminder that I really needed to follow up w/ my doctor. She again dismissed my symptoms, but this time I pressed further. Long story short, I met with a gynecological oncologist and was in surgery the next week. I now “Teal” my town and hope other lives will be saved through the awareness program of TURN THE TOWNS TEAL®.

Judie & Tony from Bristol, CT ~

After putting a symptom card in a neighbor’s mailbox, they received the following. “I am inspired by your situation, and I want you to know that you helped me. I recognized that I had some of the symptoms on the card that you left for me. I was diagnosed with Stage II ov ca, the cancer was contained and the prognosis is quite good. Thank you for getting the word out.”

Terrie from Northville, ME ~

Tying teal ribbons around our downtown is an annual tradition for me and my friends. I went to see my good friend Vicki before she passed away. As I was leaving, Vicki grabbed my arm and said, “If I’m not there tealing the town, remember you’re doing it for me.”

Cathy, owner of Independent Carpet One in Wayne, MI ~

This has been an incredibly rewarding experience. We close the store for the morning, and my entire staff tie teal ribbons all along Wayne & Ford Roads. People come up to us and ask what the teal ribbons signify, and they proceed to tell us stories of women they know who are battling ovarian cancer.

Kathy, Bluegrass Ovarian Cancer Support, from Lexington, KY ~

Turn The Towns Teal® has had a huge impact on me, Lexington and across the country. I am so proud to be part of your fantastic organization So many more people are aware now because of you. We are going to need more ribbon next year!

Sally from the Delaware Ovarian Cancer Organization ~

The Turn The Towns Teal® Campaign is extremely successful in Delaware, including 10 new towns this year, and we garnered more publicity than ever before.