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To bring Turn The Towns Teal®, Inc. to your town, please click here for more information and learn how to get started.

We ARE saving lives through this campaign!

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We need your help to increase awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms. Please know that your donation will help us achieve this goal. Some employers will match your contribution. If your company participates in the Matching Gift Program, please apply.

Turn The Towns Teal®, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) charity. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


*** A Decade of Raising Awareness ***

Gail MacNeil

Gail MacNeil ~ Founder

Turn The Towns Teal® is the inspiration of Gail MacNeil of Chatham, NJ. This campaign goes forward in her name AND in her honor. 

Turn The Towns Teal® is a national campaign to promote awareness of ovarian cancer and its often subtle symptoms. We are now offering a 3-tiered program which is in effect during the month of September, National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

TIER 1) Volunteers register with us and tie ribbons* throughout town centers and distribute symptom cards.
TIER 2) Volunteers register to “Teal” private property such as their neighborhood, place of business, place of worship, etc.
TIER 3) Volunteers request a single ribbon to “Teal” their mailbox, lamp post, etc.

We ask that all volunteers register with us to a) avoid duplication of efforts & to unite volunteers in the same town and b) track our successes!

*Our ribbons are biodegradable AND made in the USA!


To learn more about our organization click here.  

Please click TESTIMONIALS to learn more about the campaign from some of our survivors and volunteers.

With YOUR support our awareness campaign continues to grow and MOST IMPORTANTLY MORE WOMEN’S LIVES ARE BEING SAVED!


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